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Educational and child guidance – Life coaching

Elisabeth Halmer


  • Life coach
  • Educational and child guidance counsellor
  • Specialist in gifted education
  • Counsellor for media education
  • Teacher of Psychology/Philosophy and English (Finished studies at the University of Vienna in 1997)
  • Austrian Association of Educational Guidance (Österreichischen Bundesverband für Erziehungsberatung,
  • Certified by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Economy, Familiy and Youth as educational councellor for parents before getting a divorce:

Educational counselling / educational and child guidance

My work as educational counsellor is based on the social integrative method (also promoted by the famous Austrian expert on child guidance Dr. Leibovici-Mühlberger), which focuses on respect and understanding between parents and children. (Also see: Fit for kids)

Raising children means helping them become autonomous, responsible and self-confident adults by giving them freedom within certain boundaries that depend on the child's age and the specific circumstances. General rules concerning child guidance are always difficult to define as we should try to take each child's individuality, temperament, development, personality, interests and talents into consideration.
Bringing up children also involves - quite naturally - having conflicts. Yet, we often lack the strategies to cope with and solve these conflicts. Together let us find ways that fit you and your child.

Family coaching

Family coaching supports families in order to get through times of difficulties, conflicts and crises. Individual solutions to family problems are aimed at. A better understanding between family member is the result of successful family coaching and councelling.

Life coaching

Life coaching should help adults to get over a crisis and see it as a chance to change something in life to the better. Changes can also open up new ways and perspectives and might be the entrance into a new phase.
The aim of life coaching is

  • to find out about certain life patterns and to understand (re-occurring) conflicts,
  • to help and support you when you are in situations where difficult (private or professional) decisions have to be made,
  • to support you in difficult phases of your life.

As life coach I accompany and support you on your way, providing some help that enables you to find your solution.

Burnout prevention
Life Coaching can also help to prevent burnout, which is a state of complete exhaustion as a consequence of long-lasting stress. Usually burnout is caused by work-related and/or life-style related factors and certain personality traits (such as perfectionism and pessimism) that contribute to the development of burnout.

Burnout prevention focuses on

  • relaxation techniques (that fit you and your way of life)
  • change of life-style
  • learning to set boundaries
  • finding resources (what and who can support you?)
  • and learning to delegate

Counselling can take place once (if one particular question needs to be analysed and answered) or on a more regular basis (for more complex problems).

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